On 15th and 16 June, the 5G-IANA consortium met in Athens in our coordinator’s premises, at ICCS, for our interim review.
During this two-day meeting, the overall progress of the project was assessed, and the main achievements made during this time were highlighted.
We were happy to show the tangible accomplishments, such as the submission of 22 deliverables, the completion of 7 milestones, the design of the AOEP platform architecture, the integration of th eAOEP’s first cycle into Nokia’s testbed, the launch of the project’s 1st Open Call, among others.
We are excited to start this following phase, which will kick-off the pre-testing phase and validation activities, and as the initial business model for the 5G-IANA platform has been drafted providing insights on how third parties can further benefit from their interaction with the platform.