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Success Stories

Do you want to learn more about our success stories? 

Check on each of our Use Cases and also on the Third Party experimentation platform for more information!

You can also check also our use case descriptions.

Use Case 1 is about the integration, demonstration and validation of advanced remote driving functionalities in the open and enhanced experimentation platform developed in the 5G-IANA project. The aim is to use a vehicle connected through 5G, which is controlled remotely via a teleoperation platform.
You can learn more about the Use Case in the video below
This use case aims to showcase a manoeuvre coordination service, available thanks to the 5G-IANA infrastructure, capable of lowering the risk of collision in complex junction scenarios by describing suitable paths and priorities for connected, eventually automated, vehicles directed by a shared coordination system.
See the video below for more information
This use case facilitates an immersive virtual bus tour experience for virtual reality headset users.
See more about it in the video below:
Use Case 4-ACOV Intelligent NetApp aims at providing “high-quality AR content streaming” taking advantage of the future web AR applications, the MEC and 5G connectivity.

Use Case 5  aims to develop a feature that will be integrated in the 5G-IANA platform, which will detect aggressive and distracted driving (hazardous events), and transmit warning notifications on road risk-level to other vehicles.

You can hear an interview to the Use Case 5 leader in the following video:

The goal of Use Case 6 -NSTAT is to provide a network monitoring service that can be used to increase the efficiency of other NetApps through providing distributed predictions of QoS and in general of network conditions at various locations.
Use case 7 aims to develop and integrate necessary components (e.g., VNFs, RSU, OBUs, sensors, camera, 5G SA network, and 5G MEC) to provide situational awareness for first responders intervening in the cross-border road tunnel.
Check out the video below:

Link Robotics tested their application, Vins RTK, by using the 5G-IANA platform. Check out their experiment in the video below!