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5G-IANA Open Call #2

Calling all SMEs and startups! The 5G-IANA Project invites you to run your mobility-related experiments on top of our 5G-IANA platform. Through the project’s open call which offers a mentorship program, we help SMEs to build their experiments and position themselves in the 5G ecosystem. Our mentors guide you through developing, deploying, and testing services on the 5G-IANA platform.

Access a catalogue of Network Functions and Applications, tools for onboarding, and remote 5G radio resources. Benefit from physical On-Board Units, Road-Side Units, real vehicles, and specialized support for AI/ML services. Position your business for success with continuous mentorship and innovative solutions within the 5G landscape. This is your chance to be a part of the future of connected mobility!

If you are selected to take part in our Open Call program, you will:

  • Gain access to a “canvas” to develop new functions and services in the automotive 5G landscape.
  • Test and validate your existing or new services or products or use cases in real-time using 5G connectivity.
  • Gain access to real-life 5G resources (vehicles, On-Board Units, Road-Side Units, EDGE/MEC Server(s), 5G radio resources).
  • Have the option to travel to our 5G testbeds in NOKIA (Germany) or Telecom Slovenia, to conduct your experiments live with our continuous support.
  • Get continuous mentorship and support from network and automotive experts.
  • Explore/Build new business models within the 5G ecosystem.
  • Gain visibility towards the EU, the 5G community and automotive community.
  • Receive funding of 20,000€ to support you in your 5G journey!

Are you planning to submit an application, but need some more information and help about the process? Check the Info Day recording below!

You can also check the winner of the Open Call #1 here.

What do we offer?

5G-IANA offers to interested stakeholders:

  • Access to the 5G-IANA platform to develop, deploy and test their services (with continuous support and technical manuals provided).
  • A catalogue of ready-to-use software functions, that implement both network and application level functionalities (with a complete Catalogue description of this software).
  • Carefully selected and targeted chains of network and application level functionalities that create full end-to-end services (called Network Applications, approx. 25) – explanation and examples of these service chains are provided.
  • Tools to prepare and onboard their own software functions on the 5G-IANA platform, to support a specific functionality or to test a novel use case scenario over 5G.
  • Indicative examples and experience regarding the actual deployment of use cases of the 5G-IANA consortium into the platform, i.e.: automotive-related services in the hazard-notification, infotainment, vehicle movement or even vertical-agnostic domain.
  • Remote accessibility to 5G resources (through NOKIA’s site in the City of Ulm, Germany / Telecom Slovenia’s site in Ljubljana).
  • Accessibility to On-Board Unit (OBU) / Road-Side Unit (RSU) resources through the 5G-IANA platform, as well as experimentation opportunities potential using real vehicles.
  • Support to Machine Learning (ML)-oriented services (if needed), through our “Edge Orchestration and Federated Learning” framework.
  • Technical support material in the form of a technical manual, webinars, videos with success stories, and other published material.
  • Mentorship, training, technical assistance and support.
  • Business model mentoring.
  • Access to 5G-IANA project’s network of professionals, media, and partners.
  • Funding to support the SMEs in their experiments.

Who can apply?

The call is addressed to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs / start-ups) working in any mobility-related vertical (i.e., automotive / industry 4.0 / aviation / robotics / etc.).

When to apply?

The program starts in January 2024 and ends in October 2024.

Applications are already open and they are will be awarded on a First Come, First Served basis, therefore the program will run on a rolling basis for the selected SMEs, starting as soon as their application has been accepted! The Open Call will remain open on the basis of completing all experiments by October 2024.

20th January: launch of the Open Call

19th March: Info Day

20 January onwards (on a rolling basis)

Step 1:

• Submission of application

Step 2:

• Application evaluation (within 1-2 weeks)

Step 3:

• Acceptance or rejection of an application & notification

Step 4:

• Micro-project agreement preparation and signing

• Release of funding installment 1

Step 5:

• Start of the experiment

• Experimentation activity with mentorship support

October 2024

• Deadline for the conclusion of the experiment

• Final report & video

• Release of funding installment 2

How to apply?

Application Submissions are open now!

To apply to our Open Call #2, fill in the Application Form  and send it to

* For more information about the procedures for the submission of applications please refer to Section 3 of the “Guide for Applicants

Call documents

To apply to our Open Call #2, download our documents,

fill in the Application form,

and send it!

5G-IANA Technical Manual

5G-IANA Open Call Application Form

Guide for Applicants