Welcome to 5G-IANA

A European project to provide an open 5G experimentation platform to enable the development, deployment and testing of Automotive related 5G applications

5G-IANA aims at delivering an open and enhanced 5G experimentation platform for the Automotive sector:

Integrating different management and orchestration frameworks and virtualization technologies across domains.

a new automotive virtual network functions Repository for SMEs to use and develop new applications.

a distributed AI/ML (DML) framework to simplify Management and Orchestration of AI/ML service components.

demonstration of 7 automotive-related Use Cases in two 5G SA testbeds.​

multi-stakeholder cost-benefit analysis for innovative, yet sustainable business models

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Our Consortium

5G-IANA Consortium comprises 16 partners within 8 EU Member States. The project has followed a multidisciplinary approach, purposefully selecting partners with distinct scientific and operational expertise to secure high-quality contributions in addressing all aspects of the project. The consortium counts on major research organisations actively involved in national and EU 5G projects, as well as telecom and IT manufacturers, and highly expertized SMEs.

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Project Information

Start date: 1 Jun 2021

End date: 30 Nov 2024

€ 7 649 795

€ 5 999 969

Funded under: H2020 ICT-41

Coordinated by:

ICCS (Greece)

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