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5G-IANA Open Call #1

5G-IANA project is calling for SMEs and start-ups from Europe to apply to our first Open Call that will allow them to run their automotive network applications on top of the platform provided by the 5G-IANA project making use of 5G connectivity. The 5G-IANA consortium will support its participants to develop and integrate their innovative idea using the 5G-IANA platform, facilitating in parallel the developed Repository of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)

Selected participants will reap the following benefits offered by 5G-IANA:

  • Gain access to a “canvas” to develop new functions and services in the automotive 5G landscape.
  • Test and validate their existing or new services in real-time with 5G connectivity.
  • Gain access to real-life 5G resources (vehicles, OBUs, RSUs, edge server/MEC).
  • Get continuous mentorship and support from network and automotive experts.
  • Explore/Build new business models within the 5G ecosystem.
  • Gain visibility towards the EU, the 5G community and automotive community.

This Open Call closed on 16th June 2023, please contact if you are interested in knowing more about it. 

User Guidelines full document

Download as a PDF document

What we offer?

5G-IANA offers to interested stakeholders:

  • Access to the “AOEP” platform to develop, deploy and test their services.
  • A catalogue of available virtual application and network functions (AFs/NFs, approx. 70), and Network Applications (nApps) (approx. 26).
  • Tools to prepare and onboard their own AFs, NFs or nApps on the 5G-IANA platform.
  • Indicative examples and experience regarding the actual deployment of use cases of the 5G-IANA consortium into the platform, i.e.: automotive-related services in the hazard-notification, infotainment, vehicle movement or even vertical-agnostic domain.
  • Remote accessibility to 5G resources (through NOKIA’s site in the City of Ulm, Germany / Telecom Slovenia’s site in Ljubljana).
  • Accessibility to OBU/RSU resources through the AOEP platform and experimentation potential using real vehicles.
  • Support to Machine Learning (ML)-oriented services.
  • Technical support material in the form of a technical manual, webinars and other published material.
  • Mentorship, training, technical assistance and support.
  • Business model mentoring.
  • Access to 5G-IANA project’s network of entrepreneurs, professionals, media, and partners.
  • Four monetary awards to the best performing experimenters in the order of 10-15K euros.

Who can apply?

The call is addressed to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs / start-ups) working with the concept of Network Applications (nApps) in the automotive vertical and which are already developing or willing to develop a product or service that leverages 5G capabilities through the 5G-IANA platform.

When to apply?

The program starts in June 2023 and ends in October 2023.

Applications are already open!

Application period: 22nd February-15th June 2023
Evaluation period: 15th June-13th June
Pre-testing phase: June-July 2023
Validation & testing phase: July-October 2023
Reporting period: November 2023
Award phase: December 2023

How to apply?

Application Submission Deadline is 15th June 2023 05:00:00 PM CEST!

The Open Call Interest Form is available here for applying*

* For more information about the procedures for the submission of applications please refer to Section 3 of the “Guide for Applicants “How to Apply”

User Guidelines full document

Download as a PDF document

5G-IANA Open Call Interest Form

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