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5G-IANA Open Call #1

5G-IANA project is calling for SMEs and start-ups from Europe to apply to our first Open Call that will allow them to run their automotive network applications on top of the platform provided by the 5G-IANA project making use of 5G connectivity. The 5G-IANA consortium will support its participants to develop and integrate their innovative idea using the 5G-IANA platform, facilitating in parallel the developed Repository of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)

Selected participants will reap the following benefits offered by 5G-IANA:

  • Gain access to a “canvas” to develop new functions and services in the automotive 5G landscape.
  • Test and validate their existing or new services in real-time with 5G connectivity.
  • Gain access to real-life 5G resources (vehicles, OBUs, RSUs, edge server/MEC).
  • Get continuous mentorship and support from network and automotive experts.
  • Explore/Build new business models within the 5G ecosystem.
  • Gain visibility towards the EU, the 5G community and automotive community.

The program will last for 5 months, starting in June 2023. Applications are open until 22nd May 2023 05:00:00 PM CEST.


User Guidelines full document

Download as a PDF document

What we offer?

5G-IANA offers to interested stakeholders:

  • Access to the “AOEP” platform to develop, deploy and test their services.
  • A catalogue of available virtual application and network functions (AFs/NFs, approx. 70), and Network Applications (nApps) (approx. 26).
  • Tools to prepare and onboard their own AFs, NFs or nApps on the 5G-IANA platform.
  • Indicative examples and experience regarding the actual deployment of use cases of the 5G-IANA consortium into the platform, i.e.: automotive-related services in the hazard-notification, infotainment, vehicle movement or even vertical-agnostic domain.
  • Remote accessibility to 5G resources (through NOKIA’s site in the City of Ulm, Germany / Telecom Slovenia’s site in Ljubljana).
  • Accessibility to OBU/RSU resources through the AOEP platform and experimentation potential using real vehicles.
  • Support to Machine Learning (ML)-oriented services.
  • Technical support material in the form of a technical manual, webinars and other published material.
  • Mentorship, training, technical assistance and support.
  • Business model mentoring.
  • Access to 5G-IANA project’s network of entrepreneurs, professionals, media, and partners.
  • Four monetary awards to the best performing experimenters in the order of 10-15K euros.

Who can apply?

The call is addressed to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs / start-ups) working with the concept of Network Applications (nApps) in the automotive vertical and which are already developing or willing to develop a product or service that leverages 5G capabilities through the 5G-IANA platform.

When to apply?

The program starts in June 2023 and ends in October 2023.

Applications are already open!

Application period: 22nd February-22nd May 2023
Evaluation period: 22nd May-31st May 2023
Pre-testing phase: June-July 2023
Validation & testing phase: July-October 2023
Reporting period: November 2023
Award phase: December 2023

How to apply?

Application Submission Deadline is 22nd May 2023 05:00:00 PM CEST!

The Open Call Interest Form is available here for applying*

* For more information about the procedures for the submission of applications please refer to Section 3 of the “Guide for Applicants “How to Apply”

User Guidelines full document

Download as a PDF document

5G-IANA Open Call Interest Form

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    Step 2 Ambitions and development plans

    Step 3 Experience

    Step 4 Expectations from the platform

    Step 5 Expected impact

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