• October 25 , 2022 | BLOG

    5G communications have permitted the automotive industry to develop and test new applications not possible with previous wireless technologies. Remote driving is considered one of [...]

  • September 12 , 2022 | BLOG

    5G technologies are becoming of primary importance to boost the Automotive market segment, where new advanced 5G-powered services can be introduced by third parties/SMEs that [...]

  • July 18 , 2022 | BLOG

    We all recognize a road tunnel as an elegant way for passing mountain massifs, an underwater passage or anything similar. Next to many advantages tunnels [...]

  • April 26 , 2022 | BLOG

    The recent advances in AI-based vehicle navigation and the vision shared by many automotive companies towards fully self-driving cars, open up the opportunity for [...]

  • March 11 , 2022 | BLOG

    5G networks are perfect technology to serve as communications channel for vehicles trying to communicate with their environment (V2X – Vehicle to everything). There [...]

  • March 2 , 2022 | BLOG

    Work on Local Dynamic Maps (LDM) implementation is still in its early stages, as the LDM standards only define how information shall be structured [...]

  • February 7 , 2022 | BLOG

    The ongoing deployment of 5G mobile networks can enable the development of several new CCAM applications thanks to the increase of 5G network performance [...]

  • January 4 , 2022 | BLOG

    The shift towards automation in the automotive sector is giving rise to a plethora of cooperative distributed applications characterized by Quality-of-Service (QoS) constraints on [...]

  • December 13 , 2021 | BLOG

    ICCS, our project coordinator, introduces the project and provides a general introduction to its technical objectives, methodology and main expected outcomes 5G-based Automotive-related services [...]