AR and VR for in-vehicle entertainment

The recent advances in AI-based vehicle navigation and the vision shared by many automotive companies towards fully self-driving cars, open up the opportunity for transforming cars to something more than a mere transportation mean. [...]

5G-IANA project presented at the VTM Torino 2022

Last 30th and 31st March, 5G-IANA partner Bylogix presented 5G-IANA project at the Vehicle and Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings (VTM) in Torino. VTM is the only business convention in Italy dedicated to the automotive [...]

Welcome to 5G-IANA

The 5G-IANA project aims at providing an open 5G experimentation platform, on top ofwhich third-party experimenters (i.e., SMEs) in the Automotive vertical will have theopportunity to develop, deploy and test their services. 5G-IANA, running [...]