5G-PPP Steering Board and Technical Board meetings took place in Athens on 5-6 October 2022, respectively. Both meetings were hosted by our project coordinator, ICCS.

5G-IANA has actively participated during these meetings, represented by Eirini Liotou and Konstantinos Katsaros from ICCS, Dimitris Klonidis from UBI and Giada Landi from NXW.  Our Project Manager, Eirini Liotou, has been the organizer and moderator of a NetApps session during the Technical Board meeting where interesting cross-ICT-41 discussions took place and collaboration opportunities have been identified.

During this session, Giada Landi (NXW) also gave the presentation “NetApps modelling for automated orchestration and experimental validation of 5G-enabled services in the Transport & Logistics domain”, organised jointly by VITAL-5G & 5G-IANA.