The Second IEEE International Mediterranean Conference on Communications and Networking (MeditCom) is taking place from 5-8 September 2022 in Athens, Greece.

5G-IANA project is taking part on this event represented by ICCS members Dr. Konstantinos Katsaros and Dr. Eirini Liotou.

During the Workshop Session “NetApp Platforms into Beyond 5G and 6G Networks” held on Monday 5 September, Dr. Katsaros presented the definition and concept of a NetApp from a 5G-IANA perspective. Some very interesting discussions took place during this Workshop specially with the representatives from other ICT-41 projects (5GASP, EVOLVED-5G, 5G-ERA, Smart5Grid, etc.), leading to some interesting ideas for fruitful collaborations in the upcoming period.

The event will be taking place until tomorrow. You can find the programme and all related information on their website here.