The 5G-IANA consortium physically met on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2022 for the first Interim Project Review. The meeting took place in Athens and was organised by ICCS, our project coordinator.

In a friendly atmosphere, partners presented in detail the progress and advancements achieved during the first year of the project as well as the planning for the upcoming period. Specifically, the meeting opened with an introduction from the Project Officer, setting the objectives and focus of this review, and continued by a project overview presentation by the Project Coordinator deputy Eirini Liotou, setting the trigger for technical discussions. Then, Francesca Moscatelli (NXW) explained the concept of a NetApp in 5G-IANA, as well as the 5G-IANA NetApps toolkit. Then, the Technical Coordinator of the project, Dimitris Klonidis (UBI) presented the Specifications and Architecture of the 5G-IANA platform, followed by the presentation of Thanos Xirofotos (UBI) on the 5G-IANA architecture development and integration. In the continuation of the first day, Theodoros Rokkas (INCITES) presented the market strategy of the project, Andrea Suarez (VICOM) presented the dissemination activities and Eirini Liotou (ICCS) described the project management and ethics aspects of the project. During the second day, the discussions were centred around the seven project use cases and two testbeds (Germany, Slovenia). The meeting concluded with a summary of the main recommendations of the Project Officer and the experts, which the 5G-IANA consortium will carefully integrate into the overall project workplan.

As a general outcome, the Project Officer and the Expert Reviewers representing the European Commission, provided very constructive and valuable feedback and recommendations for the next period of the project.

Congratulations to 5G-IANA team, let’s continue the hard work!