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5G-IANA – 5GMETA webinar

5G-IANA and 5GMETA joint webinar will take place during next ERTICO – ITS Europe’s final Webinar in preparation to the ITS European Congress.

The session, titled “Exploiting 5G data platforms for innovative ITS services“, will be conducted by Vicomtech and will provide insights on how platforms can create new services and applications in the mobility sector, with specific reference to Data Value Chain. The two projects are working to develop platforms to leverage car and road captured data and create innovative applications for the automotive ecosystem.

The session will take place on May 11th 2023 from 14.00 –15.15 CEST. Registration is already available here. 

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ITS European Congress Lisbon

ERTICO – ITS Europe and Lisboa Câmara Municipal will proudly host the 15th ITS European Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, from 22 May to 24 May 2023. The event will take place at the Lisbon Congress Centre.

The ITS Congresses represent the ultimate showcase of mobility services deployment and are the means for the ITS Community to keep pace with the incredible evolution of the industry. Over the years, the European Congresses have offered a platform for thought leaders, developers, entrepreneurs and decision makers from the transport, logistics and IT industries to share ideas and progress smart and sustainable mobility.

5G-IANA will participate at this edition with a joint Special Session with 5G-PPP projects 5GMETA, VITAL-5G and 5GASP: “Creating new ITS services and applications enabled by 5G“.  The session will take place on 24th May from 2 to 3 PM.



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EENA Conference & Exhibition 2023

From 19 – 21 April 2023, professionals from across the public safety field meet at the EENA Conference & Exhibition in Ljubljana.

5G-IANA project will participate at this year’s edition, represented by our partner Internet Institute, who will present a cutting-edge use case targeting Situational Awareness in the case of tunnel accidents. Internet Institute leads 5G-IANA Use Case 7 “Situational Awareness in  cross-border road tunnel accidents”, which aims to develop and integrate necessary components (e.g., VNFs, RSU, OBUs, sensors, camera, 5G SA network, and 5G MEC) to provide situational awareness for first responders intervening in the cross-border road tunnel.

With over 800 participants expected in 2023, the EENA Conference & Exhibition is the place to learn, network, discover new technologies and enjoy valuable time with experts from across the industry, bringing informative and insightful sessions on a variety of topics impacting the sector, from emergency service staff to solutions providers. All information is available at the project’s website here.

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CALL FOR PAPERS Special Session: Leveraging Data in Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) enabled by Edge and Cloud

5G-IANA partner Vicomtech is organising a Special Session about “Leveraging Data in Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) enabled by Edge and Cloud” in the IEEE ITS Conference 2023.

IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 2023) 

24-28 September, 2023

Bilbao, Spain


Special Session: Leveraging Data in Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) enabled by Edge and Cloud


This Special Session will explore the challenges to leverage data in CCAM and the role of Edge and Cloud as key enabling technologies. More specifically, it will focus on how to capture, structure, index, store and share data to enable analytical systems to get valuable insights; how to efficiently balance processing workload and assets in distributed infrastructures; how to transmit data efficiently and reliably; and how to address security and privacy issues. We aim to facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote collaboration to find novel solutions to these problems. By understanding the barriers and solutions to leverage data in CCAM, we can help pave the way for a safer and more efficient transportation system.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Internet of Things (IoT) messaging for CCAM data.
• Data structures and software architectures for CCAM data processing.
• Data analytics, data quality assessment, and visualization tasks at large scale.
• Collaborative and Federated analytics on distributed/decentralized data.
• Edge and Cloud computing for distributed data processing and storage.
• Edge-Cloud continuum integration and orchestration.
• AIOps and microservices platforms for data processing.
• Mobility-aware Edge computing provision and consumption.
• Digital Twins of vehicles.
• Secure/trusted service provisioning for data producers and data consumers.
• Data usage control and ownership management.

Important dates:

May 15, 2023 – Submission deadline
June 30, 2023 – Notification of paper acceptance
July 31, 2023 – Final paper submission deadline

Special Session organizers:

Dr. Gorka Vélez, Vicomtech, Spain.

Dr. Ángel Martín, Vicomtech, Spain.

Dr. Marcos Nieto, Vicomtech, Spain.

More information can be found here.

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Webinar: 5G-IANA Open Call #1 “Info Day”

14th March 2023, 11:00-12:00 CEST 

Register here. 

5G-IANA launched on February 22nd, 2023, the first Open Call of the project. The project is calling for SMEs and start-ups to apply to this program that will allow them to run their automotive network applications on top of the platform provided by the 5G-IANA project making use of 5G connectivity.  

This Info Day aims to inform potential applicants about this first Open Call. Participants will get the opportunity to learn more about the 5G-IANA project, the offerings of the 5G-IANA experimental platform, the deployment of Network Applications and the Open Call application procedure for SMEs and Start-Ups that are interested in using the 5G-IANA platform to run their automotive network applications using 5G connectivity. 


  • The 5G-IANA project: What’s in it for SMEs? – Eirini Liotou (ICCS), 5G-IANA Deputy Coordinator. 
  • The 5G-IANA AOEP and its offerings – Dimitris Klonidis (Ubitech) 5G-IANA Technical Coordinator & Dinos Katsaros (ICCS), 5G-IANA Technical Coordinator. 
  • 5G-IANA nApps: How to build 5g enabled services for the automotive sector – Matteo Andolfi (Nextworks).
  • The 5G-IANA Open Call: How to apply – Sevi Christoforou (ICCS), 5G-IANA Dissemination Manager. 

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5G-IANA launches the first Open Call of the project

5G-IANA will organise two Open Calls during the implementation of the project for the involvement and engagement of “third parties” with the 5G-IANA “Automotive Open Experimental Platform (AOEP)” the project is developing.

The first Open Call – 5G-IANA Open Call #1- has been launched on 22nd February 2023. The program starts in June 2023 and ends in October 2023. Applications are already open and can be submitted here until 22nd of May 2023.

5G-IANA Open Call #1 timeline:

  • Application period: 22nd February-22nd May 2023
  • Evaluation period: 22nd May-31st May 2023
  • Pre-testing phase: June-July 2023
  • Validation & testing phase: July-October 2023
  • Reporting period: November 2023
  • Award phase: December 2023

The project is calling for SMEs and start-ups from Europe to apply to the program that will allow them to run their automotive network applications on top of the platform provided by the 5G-IANA project making use of 5G connectivity. The 5G-IANA consortium will support its participants to develop and integrate their innovative idea using the 5G-IANA platform, facilitating in parallel the developed Repository of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs).

A “User Guide for Applicants” has been issued by the project where it provides all the information about the Open Call, including the detailed description of the conditions and procedures for applying. The document is available for download here.

Finally, the project organises an Info Day on March 14th to inform potential applicants about the Open Call. Participants will get the opportunity to learn more about the 5G-IANA project, the offerings of the 5G-IANA experimental platform, the deployment of Network Applications and the Open Call application procedure for SMEs and Start-Ups. Registration is already available here .

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IEEE ICC (International Conference on Communications) is one of two IEEE Communications Society’s flagship conferences (ICC and Globecom). Each year, close to 2.000 attendees from over 70 countries attend IEEE ICC to take advantage of a program which consists of exciting keynote session, robust technical paper sessions, innovative tutorials and workshops, and engaging industry sessions. This 5-day event is known for bringing together audiences from both industry and academia to learn about the latest research and innovations in communications and networking technology, share ideas and best practices, and collaborate on future projects.

This year IEEE ICC 2023 will focus on “Sustainable Communications for Renaissance” and will be held in person between May 28th to June 1st, 2023, in Rome, Italy.

5G-IANA will be present in this conference, presenting the paper “TAILING: Tail Distribution Forecasting of Packet Delays using Quantile Regression Neural Networks”. co-authored by Amr Rizk and that will be published in the IEEE ICC 2023 Conference Proceedings.

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5G-IANA Open Call presented at 5G-PPP SMEs Working Group

On 16th January 2023, 5G-IANA project participated at the 5G-PPP SME Working Group periodic meeting with the aim of introducing 5G-IANA’s upcoming Open Call opportunity for SMEs in the automotive sector.

5G-IANA project is about to officially announce the launch of the project’s first Open call and this meeting has represented a great opportunity to start reaching the SME’s ecosystem. 5G-IANA’s Deputy Coordinator, Eirini Liotou, provided an overview of the project and presented the Open Call and the available opportunities for SMEs and start-ups in the automotive sector.

The 5G-IANA Open Calls will take place in two phases: the first one between February and May 2023, and the second one between December23 and March 24, coinciding with the finalisation of the integration processes in the two development phases.

The full presentation is available here. Stay tuned for the official announcement of Open Call 1!

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5G-IANA contribution to ISO standardisation work

ISO Technical Committee 204 on “Intelligent Transport Systems” has established the new Working Group 20 (WG20) that will focus on “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence supporting ITS” and will work on Intelligent Transport Systems specific use cases.

This Working Group has launched a call for contribution to obtain appropriate ITS specific and AI and/or Big Data relevant input(s) for this standardisation work. Collected inputs will be published in the ISO technical report TR 12786 titled “Intelligent transport systems — Big data and artificial intelligence supporting intelligent transport systems — Use cases”.

In the framework of this call, 5G-IANA project has contributed by proposing a use case named “Federated Learning for Distributed Predictive QoS in ITS”. The goal of the distributed Predictive QoS use case is to derive an up-to-date view of the network status of connected vehicles in ITS and draw predictions with respect to the connectivity performance of these. The result of this use case will support the deployment of advanced ITS services such as cooperative connected automated mobility (CCAM), that rely on underlying connectivity capabilities.

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