A joint demonstration between 5GMETA and 5G-IANA European projects was performed at the 9th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (IEEE WFIoT2023) during the ICT-41 PlugFest. Two network applications, that have been developed in the framework of the 5GMETA project, were deployed by using the orchestration capabilities of the 5G-IANA Platform. The first network application enables the vehicles to provide data to the 5GMETA platform, while the second network application is used by cloud services to retrieve data from the 5GMETA Platform by exploiting the available 5GMETA APIs.

Another joint demonstration was performed between 5GASP and 5G-IANA European projects. In this demonstration, a network application from the 5G-IANA project has been successfully deployed on the 5GASP infrastructure. LINKS to the 5G-IANA project has provided the network application that implements ITS communications to exchange information about dangerous events from the roadside to a traffic control center.