5G-IANA will organise two Open Calls during the implementation of the project for the involvement and engagement of “third parties” with the 5G-IANA “Automotive Open Experimental Platform (AOEP)” the project is developing.

The first Open Call – 5G-IANA Open Call #1- has been launched on 22nd February 2023. The program starts in June 2023 and ends in October 2023. Applications are already open and can be submitted here until 22nd of May 2023.

5G-IANA Open Call #1 timeline:

  • Application period: 22nd February-22nd May 2023
  • Evaluation period: 22nd May-31st May 2023
  • Pre-testing phase: June-July 2023
  • Validation & testing phase: July-October 2023
  • Reporting period: November 2023
  • Award phase: December 2023

The project is calling for SMEs and start-ups from Europe to apply to the program that will allow them to run their automotive network applications on top of the platform provided by the 5G-IANA project making use of 5G connectivity. The 5G-IANA consortium will support its participants to develop and integrate their innovative idea using the 5G-IANA platform, facilitating in parallel the developed Repository of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs).

A “User Guide for Applicants” has been issued by the project where it provides all the information about the Open Call, including the detailed description of the conditions and procedures for applying. The document is available for download here.

Finally, the project organises an Info Day on March 14th to inform potential applicants about the Open Call. Participants will get the opportunity to learn more about the 5G-IANA project, the offerings of the 5G-IANA experimental platform, the deployment of Network Applications and the Open Call application procedure for SMEs and Start-Ups. Registration is already available here .