On 16th January 2023, 5G-IANA project participated at the 5G-PPP SME Working Group periodic meeting with the aim of introducing 5G-IANA’s upcoming Open Call opportunity for SMEs in the automotive sector.

5G-IANA project is about to officially announce the launch of the project’s first Open call and this meeting has represented a great opportunity to start reaching the SME’s ecosystem. 5G-IANA’s Deputy Coordinator, Eirini Liotou, provided an overview of the project and presented the Open Call and the available opportunities for SMEs and start-ups in the automotive sector.

The 5G-IANA Open Calls will take place in two phases: the first one between February and May 2023, and the second one between December23 and March 24, coinciding with the finalisation of the integration processes in the two development phases.

The full presentation is available here. Stay tuned for the official announcement of Open Call 1!