ISO Technical Committee 204 on “Intelligent Transport Systems” has established the new Working Group 20 (WG20) that will focus on “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence supporting ITS” and will work on Intelligent Transport Systems specific use cases.

This Working Group has launched a call for contribution to obtain appropriate ITS specific and AI and/or Big Data relevant input(s) for this standardisation work. Collected inputs will be published in the ISO technical report TR 12786 titled “Intelligent transport systems — Big data and artificial intelligence supporting intelligent transport systems — Use cases”.

In the framework of this call, 5G-IANA project has contributed by proposing a use case named “Federated Learning for Distributed Predictive QoS in ITS”. The goal of the distributed Predictive QoS use case is to derive an up-to-date view of the network status of connected vehicles in ITS and draw predictions with respect to the connectivity performance of these. The result of this use case will support the deployment of advanced ITS services such as cooperative connected automated mobility (CCAM), that rely on underlying connectivity capabilities.